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M. Dietrich mdt at
Sat Jan 13 17:30:00 CET 2018

Hi All,

i looked for a connection-less VPN since long. i am not an
expert in VPNs and do not want to dive into it too deep but i
had the impression that all solutions today have a connection
and once lost it has to be renogotiated.

since using mosh i think this would be an incredible solution
for a VPN.

Quotation from Germano Massullo at Januar 9, 2018 18:19:
> Jason it has been a pleasure to meet you at 34C3 :-)

at the 34C3 i was concentrated with some coding at my notebook
when a guy throw me a sticker directly onto my keyboard. i was
upset and flicked it off but when i needed a break i grabed
it and took a look. it was weird, some names, a logo, no url.

the name was good enough to point to the project behind (same
logo) after a search. and i found out: this seems to be the
VPN i was looking for so long!

so thank you for this incredible project! i could not attend
at the workshop because it was too crowded (btw: today
wireguard is the 6th hit when looking for vpn and mosh).

M. Dietrich
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