Tether Wireguard VPN over WiFi

Denis Kisselev denis at dkisselev.net
Sat Jul 7 20:50:42 CEST 2018

When I last looked into this, it wasn’t possible to due to limitations in Android.

Basically, the tethering and VPN systems each assume that they’re the only ones that need to manage network routes so they stomp over each other’s routing tables (VPN breaks routing for tethering, tethering breaks routing for VPN).

Someone on a forum claimed that (if you’re rooted) you can manually setup the iptables rules to make both work, but that’s not really a reliable solution.

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Is tethering the VPN tunnel over WiFi/USB possible?

It seems not to have come up here previously so I thought I bring it up.
When using the Android WiFi Hotspot functionality on a (unrooted) Nexus
6P it seems to only tether 4G... Is there a way to tether the Wireguard

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