Android error, fix and next steps

Jose Marinez jedi_papi at
Sat Jun 2 23:25:09 CEST 2018

Hello guys,
I encountered this error while testing on a LG V30 running Oreo.
"Error binging up tunnel: VPN service not authorized by user"
It turned out that due to an existing StrongSwan installation, the Wireguard client could not work. The fix involved deleting the StrongSwan client from the phone.
Next steps:
I can't imagine the Wireguard client to expect exclusivity as the sole VPN client to run on any device. In the case of StrongSwan, it had an "Always On" setting which I believe prevented Wireguard from making network changes.
What's the best way to approach this? I don't want to assume this is a Wireguard Android client bug. Perhaps on Android only one client can have the "always on" setting at once.
Any clarity on this would help, to at a minimum figure out which party to approach: Google vs. StrongSwan vs. Wireguard

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