[Uber low priority] Linux 4.17.0 on aarch64

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.net
Thu Jun 7 10:21:26 CEST 2018

On Thu, 07 Jun 2018 09:40:08 +0200
Riccardo Berto <riccardo at rcrdbrt.com> wrote:

> Just want to report that I can't add a wg interface of type wireguard 
> with linux 4.17.0 on aarch64 (Raspberry Pi 3).
> Error message: `RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported`.
> I'm using ArchLinuxARM. Downgrading to 4.16.x makes the issue dissapear. 
> This is not high-priority so please Jason, if you're reading this 
> message, move this issue further down in your debugging queue as I 
> believe almost nobody is using 4.17.0 on aarch64 right now. Maybe 
> they'll fix the error by themselves in the coming 4.17.x releases.

Did you actually compile the wireguard kernel module? Or rely on mysterious
"them" to do so?

With respect,

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