Is a hostname a valid value value for Endpoint?

Jonathan Hult jonathan at
Mon Jun 18 21:49:48 CEST 2018


I would like to know if a hostname is a valid value for *Endpoint*? Today,
the documentation all seems to reference an IP address.

Today, Mullvad <> currently sets *EndPoint* to a
hostname (see here <>)

In my case, my host is set to use a DNS server which routes VPN provider
domains to a bad IP (in order to block them).

1. If *EndPoint* should never be a hostname, perhaps we should prevent (or
at least warn) when it is found to be a hostname (instead of an IP address).

2. If *EndPoint* can be a hostname, then I think we want to ensure DNS is
set from the configuration file before attempting to connect. In the wg-quick
script <>,
I updated the *cmd_up()* function to call *set_dns()* earlier on than it is
currently called. This prevents my host's original DNS server from blocking

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