Tunsafe Windows client for wireguard (not opensource yet they say

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Mon Mar 5 12:33:56 CET 2018

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 12:19 PM, David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote:
> I wasn't sure whether to suggest this before, but adding Wireguard
> support to OpenConnect ought to be fairly easy. We already support
> three VPN protocols, so we have a *relatively* sane distinction between
> the protocol-specific parts, and all the OS-specific tun device
> handling and other bits that would just be gratuitous wheel-reinvention
> for you.
> It basically gives you support for Windows, Solaris, OSX, Android and
> various BSDs for nothing. With NetworkManager support.
> For a client that *isn't* purely wrapping the kernel implementation, it
> probably makes sense rather starting from scratch. If anyone's
> interested in working on it, I'd be happy to give some pointers.
> (I've also looked in the past at adding kernel support too, for DTLS
> acceleration; I may take a look at that again.)

That sounds pretty excellent. I'll add that the project TODO list and
maybe we'll get an interested contributor or a GSoC student for it.

By the way, how would you feel about doing this via the existing Go
and Rust implementations? If I can jerry rig it into the build system,
would you be interested?

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