Include directive to support "conf.d/*" and the like

Roman Mamedov rm.wg at
Fri Mar 16 09:02:22 CET 2018


I would like to be able to split the [Interface] and [Peer] parts of the config
file into separate files. The reason is that currently I manage configurations
of my various hosts at a central location, then push out common configs to all

This becomes problematic with current WireGuard, as it stores both the
host-specific part, and the part common to the entire network, in the same
single file.

While it would be nice if WireGuard had a "hosts/" directory like Tinc uses
(basically storing its equivalents of WG's [Peer] sections each in a separate
file), I feel the most flexible way to support such scenarios would be to have
a generic "Include" directive. That way I could do
"Include /etc/wireguard/peers/*.conf" and then not only store each peer
information in its own file, but also roll-out or fetch and
add/remove/overwrite those files from a central repository.

Also distros could use it by default to enable the often-used "conf.d/*"

Is there anything planned along these lines? Is there a workaround that I
could use with WG in its today's form?

With respect,

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