add/remove a peer

ST smntov at
Sun Mar 25 20:10:37 CEST 2018

On Mon, 2018-03-26 at 00:43 +0800, Wang Jian wrote:
> 2018-03-25 3:32 GMT+08:00 ST <smntov at>:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm learning WireGuard and have a question regarding adding/removing a
> > peer.
> >
> > Is there something like:
> >
> > 1) wg add peer ABCDEF... allowed-ips endpoint
> >
> >
> > 2) similar for removing clients:
> >
> > wg rm peer ABCDEF...
> > or
> > wg rm peer allowed-ips
> >
> > Is this implemented already or should I file it as a feature request
> > somewhere? (if so - where?)
> >
> You should already read man pages  (man wg).
> for adding peer
> # wg set wg0 peer peer_pubkey allowed-ips endpoint

I want a WG (server) to assign an IP to a peer *automatically* if
allowed-ips is not provided when running `wg set wg0 peer`. And then
output it to STDOUT, so it can be passed to the peer (client). The same
can be done if peer's public key is not provided.
This would make addition of new peers(clients) much more easy - both for
sysadmins and for non-tech-savvy clients (the latter will get a ready
made wg0.conf file that they need to save to /etc/wireguard/ and all
they need to do is `wg-quick up wg0`. That's it.)

I don't think it is implemented...

Mr. Donenfeld - would this qualify as a feature request?

Thank you!

PS: if you have over 100 peers it is a bit a headache to find a free IP
when adding a new peer. There is no reason WG could not scan through IPs
it already knows and choose a free one, assign it in its own config file
and print it out for passing to the remote peer...

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