can't ping remote side IP range from WG instance

Kalin KOZHUHAROV me.kalin at
Sun Mar 25 21:55:29 CEST 2018

I am really not sure, but let me have a stab:

On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 11:19 AM, Adrián Mihálko <adriankoooo at> wrote:
> auto wg0
> iface wg0 inet static
>   pre-up ip link add dev wg0 type wireguard
>   post-up wg setconf wg0 /etc/wireguard/wireguard.conf
>   post-up ip link set dev wg0 up
>   post-up ip route add via dev wg0
>   post-up iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
* I guess that should be
post-up iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wg0 -j MASQUERADE

Please try to use generic OS commands to describe the situation
whenever possible (avoiding or in addition to LEDE-specific config).
`ip addr`
`ip route`

* Any other iptables rules? Try disabling all FW first. (also on Ubuntu server)
* Any bridging (often the case in LEDE)?
* run tcpdump/tshark to see what is going on

> Everything is working great,
What exactly is working?

> except that on the "Pi Zero with Wireguard" I can't access/ping remote devices in the range, only the remote server
> From any other machine in the same "A side" I am able to access devices in the range, just from the Pi Zero itself not.
So the difference here is (looking from inside Pi0), "other machine"
traverses the FORWARD chain, while "Pi Zero with Wireguard" traverses
OUTPUT (then reply via INPUT).
I guess fixing the MASQUEARADE line will do it (on both sides).

Being able to ping only the router of a remote net means that it
doesn't route the echo-request:
* due to FW policy
* due to "bad src address" (e.g. if you somehow manage to ping from (via many tunnels) to and cannot directly
{I am guessing Pi0 sends ping from wg0/ to Ubuntu
wg0/, forwarded to, it has no route to, so sends it to as default... asymmetric route

* on, run tshark to see if you even get an echo-request
packet when you try to ping it.
* What is the route to on (on
run `ip route get`)

And before doing any of the above, sit down and draw a map, with
colorful pens for wired and WG connections. It does help, trust me.


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