WG: ideas/features

ST smntov at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 19:17:17 CEST 2018


as I mentioned before I'm learning WireGuard and there are certain
things that I need but didn't find them yet in the docs (either because
I didn't read enough yet or because it's just not there). I'll list them
here and you'll tell whether it is worth for a new feature or not; or
whether I should continue reading...

1. Labels.

Is it possible to add an optional label to a peer to make it a bit more
usable for humans (who tend not to remember IPs or keys). A label
associated with a peer is just a string (could be a first/last name,
email, "NY Office" or whatever). So if you read through the .conf file
or query wg for that label - you can get the right IP to SSH to, if

In the .conf file it could probably be realized through some sort of
comments before each [Peer] section (didn't check whether # or something
actually work). But querying wg from command line for a label is also

2. Includes in .conf files.

Is it possible to include .conf files in the main wg0.conf file? Like:


Include ./us_peers.conf
Include ./eu_peers.conf


This way you can group peers into pools, so there will be a bit more

But what I envision it for is easy maintenance of an N:N mesh of nodes
where each node can communicate with all others. Each node's .conf file
will consist of only 2 things: its own [Interface] with private data and
one Include ./my_complete_mesh.conf with the public data of all [Peer]s.
This single Include file can be put in a central location (or mirrored
to several locations for failover) and all peers will pull it from there
once in a while through a cron job or it can be pushed to them with
rsync/ansible/ssh or whatever.

What do you think?


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