Channel/Tunnel bonding with wireguard

Saeid Akbari saeidscorp at
Tue Nov 6 21:51:32 CET 2018

Hey John,

Unfortunately no, I don't quite remember it, but each attempt failed somehow. 
At first, I tried with a single swg0 interface on the server, which had two 
peers with different ip addresses (cwg0 and cwg1 on the client machine). Used 
qdiscs to split packets between the cwg0 & cwg1, but I couldn't manage to 
combine them on the server-side.
Then went on with two swg0 and swg1 interfaces, each with a peer corresponding 
to client cwg0 and cwg1, and bonded the two with a bridge on the server. 
Again, because of different IPs, it really didn't make sense to the kernel to 
see them as one, and I couldn't make it so. Eventually, I ran out of ideas and 
gave up.

However, the VTrunkD really seemed promising. (it implements the bonding in 
user-space, meaning it can actually work, and is more *smart* than a simple 
qdisc, and takes into account the underlying connections' properties). But I 
simply gave up on the whole idea, mainly because there was no longer a need 
for such a thing, plus I didn't have the time to investigate it. You should 
look into it though :)


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