Problems with kernel 4.15 on Ubuntu Bionic & Xenial

Egbert Verhage egbert at
Sun Nov 18 22:53:54 CET 2018

Hey Jason,

I just got 2 reports with problems on ubuntu with 4.15 kernel.

When their are loading in the kernel module it wil crash on: 

wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_blocks_avx (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_emit_avx (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol poly1305_blocks_avx512 (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol chacha20_avx512vl (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol chacha20_avx2 (err 0)


I just install a fresh ubuntu xenial with kernel 4.15 and it works just

Any clue what problem kan be?

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