Docker Swarm over WireGuard

Kirill K kovalev.kirill.a at
Sun Nov 18 04:45:57 CET 2018

Hello there!

I'm using WireGuard about a year and really happy with it. It's
easy-to-use, fast and stable. Great thanks for this precious software.

Sometimes I use servers from providers which do not have any internal
network. So I tried to setup Docker Swarm and route it's ingress network
over WireGuard. For some reason it's not working: internal load balancer
fails to access containers from other nodes. So it's impossible to reach
containers from other nodes, load balancing/routing mesh becomes completely

Setup is pretty basic and everything works like a charm but this particular
feature. I also found few related questions, so there are number of people
interested in fixing this: (that's my issue, more details

Of course, I do understand that this could be Docker-specific issue, so I'm
just asking here for some directions:

- Does someone succeeded at enchancing Docker Swarm with WireGuard?
- My it be netns-related thing? Should we place Docker ingress network and
wg0 interface into same namespace?

Any help appreciated.

Best regards,
Kirill Kovalev
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