Android key-icon in statusbar

Robert Walli rwalli at
Tue Nov 20 00:00:46 CET 2018

> On 19.11.2018, at 21:04, nicolas at wrote:
> Hello,
>> I’v installed wireguard-app from play store on android 8.1.
>> If using the userspace version i get a "key-icon" in the status-bar when a tunnel is active.
>> Switching to the kernel version the icon is not working any more.
> the userspace version uses the native Android VPN-API, which always shows the key icon for security reasons.
> The kernel version doesn't use this API because, well, it uses the kernel module. That's why the key icon isn't shown.

Sorry, i’m a new to this and did not know it.

I have another problem while testing:
My ROM has no wireguard-support so I had to compile myself.
Dirty flashing back to original (AICP) ROM caused stock on the lockscreen.

Is there any option to force android to use the userspace-version to test both version without erasing the whole flash?
What files should i remove in order to avoid the lockscreen issue?

Thank you in advance,



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