[BUG] iOS client (0.0.20181104) sometimes kills WiFi connections/switches to LTE

John graysky at archlinux.us
Thu Nov 22 18:47:13 CET 2018

Summary: Running on an iPhone 7 (iPhone9,1) on iOS 12.1, I sometimes
experience a loss of WiFi connectivity when I connect to my WG
profile.  It is not happen 100% of the time.  When it does happen, a
reboot of the phone fixes it.  Is this a known bug/have others
experienced this?

iOS client version 0.0.20181104 (4)
Go Backend version 0.0.20181018

Server is running on Linux, kernel version 3.16.60 using the
0.0.20181119 snapshot.  Hardware is an ODROID-C2 if that matters.

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