Broadcasts over L3 tunnel

David Cowden david.w.cowden at
Sat Sep 8 06:45:27 CEST 2018

I've been playing around with wireguard and I'd really like to enable a
scenario where a remote peer appears like they're on a LAN (at L3) somewhere
so that e.g. mDNS broadcasts reach the remote peer. I can create all sorts of
topologies where traffic can flow between the remote peer(s) and the LAN peers,
but I'm hung up on getting the kernel to send broadcasts to the wireguard
interface. If you put everything on the same subnet, you essentially end up
with two conflicting entries in the LAN host's routing table: one that routes
LAN traffic to the gateway for egress or if you're running on the gateway then
egresses upstream, and a second entry telling the kernel that the same subnet is
available across the wg interface.

Is a topology like this possible without hacking up some facade into L2?


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