Configure WireGuard for Roaming Between IPv4, IPv6

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at
Sun Sep 16 20:22:07 CEST 2018

Lane Russell <lanerussell at> writes:

> Since this is a home setup and my /56 might (will) change at some
> point, I don't want to have to reconfigure my router, server, and
> clients. Unless there's a way to dynamically reconfigure these devices
> in such a situation?

Ah, right; renumbering is a PITA. Hmm, you could tell your ISP to get a
clue and stop doing that? ;)

Otherwise I suppose it *may* be possible to run a DHCPv6 server on the
wireguard server. Assuming the clients have the server configured with
AllowedIPs=::/0, the DHCP request should get through to the server. So
as long as the DHCP daemon replies via unicast, it could work. You'd
need to manually configure a static link-local (fe80::/64) address for
each client, which can be used as a source address for a DHCP request.
And then have a trigger script on the wireguard server add the IP to
AllowedIPs for the peer when it assigns an IP. I think odhcpd (that is
used on OpenWrt) allows this at least.

Note I haven't tested this; but I *think* it could be made to work, with
a bit of tweaking :)


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