Very modest performance observed on macOS

Jari Tenhunen jari.tenhunen at
Thu Apr 18 12:20:27 CEST 2019


I experimented with WireGuard on a 13" MacBook Pro (2018, core i5) and was
surprised to see that all implementations running on macOS (WireGuard app
from App Store, Boringtun, and WireGuard-go) achieved a max throughput of
only 80-100 Mbit/s. And what is even more strange, when running these same
implementations in a Linux container on Docker (on the same machine,
against the same peer), the performance is clearly better, close to 150
Mbit/s.  In the latter case, it is probably limited by the peer HW
performance (Raspberry Pi 3B), so it could be even higher. I got these
throughput numbers by running iperf inside the tunnel.

Do you have any idea what is limiting the performance on macOS? Inefficient
utun driver?

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