DNS on macos

Illule illule at ubstee.fr
Tue Apr 30 00:41:14 CEST 2019


On macos the DNS set by wireguard is used as secondary DNS :
sudo scutil —dns returns :
DNS configuration (for scoped queries)

resolver #1
 search domain[0] : home
 nameserver[0] : fe80::924d:4aff:feeb:2eb0%en0
 nameserver[1] :
 if_index : 8 (en0)
 flags    : Scoped, Request A records, Request AAAA records
 reach    : 0x00020002 (Reachable,Directly Reachable Address)

resolver #2
 nameserver[0] :
 if_index : 17 (utun1)
 flags    : Scoped, Request A records
 reach    : 0x00000003 (Reachable,Transient Connection)

Is it wanted ? I’d prefer use my personnal DNS as main resolver. Moreover safari seems to being able to use it when a domain is not public but not command like dig.

Best regards,


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