Wireguard command line tools for Android

Thomas Börner boerner at t-online.de
Fri Aug 9 10:47:24 CEST 2019

Thanks for the clarification!
But this also means that a Tasker workaround would not be feasible for a common user.
Thus,  renewing the binding via DNS when the tunnel is broken would be most desirable, as I already proposed.

Am 7. August 2019 12:52:19 MESZ schrieb "Yağmur Oymak" <yagmur.oymak at gmail.com>:
>On Sat, 2019-07-27 at 18:01 +0200, boerner at t-online.de wrote:
>> My idea was to use Tasker to perform something like wg-quick up|down
>> tun1 accordingly, but the Wireguard command line tools wg and wg-
>> quick don't seem to be available (anymore). In older forum posts I've
>> seen that you can install them from the app settings, but in my
>> version (v0.0.20190708) this option is not available.
>> Does anybody know about another solution? Or, as a question to the
>> developers, would it be a big deal to bring back the command line
>> feature?
>The command line tools were not removed. If you are using the Go
>userspace backend (the app will indicate this in settings, together
>with the version information) they will not be available. The tools
>control the kernel backend and require root access. Thus they are only
>available if you are running a custom kernel with WireGuard support and
>have root access.
>Yagmur Oymak

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