[wireguard] Wireguard for Windows - local administrator necessary?

CHRIZTOFFER HANSEN chriztoffer at netravnen.de
Tue Dec 3 22:07:24 CET 2019

Jason A. Donenfeld wrote on 27/11/2019 13:29:
> On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 10:07 AM Chris Bennett <chris at ceegeebee.com> wrote:
>> However I've found the logged in user needs local Administrator access to activate and de-activate a tunnel.  Is there any way around this?  Is it in the roadmap to remove this requirement?
> No intention of reducing the security of the system, no. WireGuard
> requires administrator access because redirecting an entire machine's
> network traffic is certainly an administrator's task.

What if you this functionality is coded as opt-in, for e.g. a org/corp 
sysadmin to enable for the users, and *not* opt-out?

The the default knob will still be secure, and the sysadmin has the 
conscious possibility to put power in the hand of the users. And it will 
  be the sysadm's choice. Not the team behind pushing the development of 
WireGuard forward, taking a choice on behalf of the consumer/user base.


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