CVE-2019-14899 and iifname-based firewall

Julian Orth ju.orth at
Thu Dec 5 19:13:05 CET 2019

Hello list, hello Jason,

I'm using the following nftables rules:

table inet filter {
     chain input {
         type filter hook input priority filter
         ct state { established, related } accept


         iifname "wg0" accept
         udp dport 51820 accept



After reading about CVE-2019-14899 I'm unsure if this allows an attacker 
to injects packets into tcp connections.

If so, what is the best way to prevent this? Is setting rp_filter=1 

Independently of the CVE I want to confirm if my firewall rules do what 
I want them to do.
The nftables rules above are based on the following paragraph from

 >[...] system administrators do not need complicated firewall
 >extensions [...] but rather they can simply match on "is it from this
 >IP? on this interface?", and be assured that it is a secure and
 >authentic packet

Is this idea correctly represented by the rule "iifname wg0 accept"? 
(I'm intentionally accepting connections from all peers in this case.)

Thank you

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