WireGuard Multiple Tunnels/Interfaces Windows

Matthew matthew at mrelectricalandautomation.co.nz
Tue Dec 3 03:11:02 CET 2019

Hi There,

I need the ability to create multiple tunnels/interfaces. If I try to 
start another tunnel the current tunnel disconnects. The reason I need 
separate tunnels is the devices I used on my gateways are fixed port 
numbers. I can't do port forwarding since the programming software of 
the devices doesn't support changing ports (It's fixed at 102) so my 
plan is to use NETMAP on the gateways todo 1:1 NAT and map the entire 
network. I would use Linux, but my software won't run on Linux. If I was 
to have separate tunnels I could just map the whole /24 network and gain 
full access to any device on the gateway local network. Here is a 
diagram showing what I need to achieve.




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