wireguard-android: Unable to import tunnel: invalid name

Dirk Kaiser dirk at gtt.tools
Mon Dec 16 06:57:00 CET 2019

I've created the following client configurations with the following

brat.batyr_LS.US_test.conf  <==kicks off error
pkds_LS.US_test.conf  <==imports fine
y_LS.US_test.conf  <==imports fine
zarina_LS.US_test.conf  <==kicks off error

On the Android client, the first and last filename generate the 'Unable
to import tunnel: invalid name' when trying to import.  The other two
come import just fine.  If I rename the two problem files to something
else (i.e., brat.batyr.conf and zarina.conf), they import just fine. 
There obviously is a bug in the filename handling that needs to be fixed.

- GeoDirk

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