DNS name resolution should not be done during configuration parsing.

Eryk Wieliczko eryk at wieliczko.ninja
Thu Feb 14 23:28:06 CET 2019

Hello everyone!

If you use a DNS address as an endpoint and there is no internet connection, WireGuard will hang for two minutes and then exit with error.

IMO the expected behavior should be the same as in OpenVPN:
WireGuard starts immediately and patiently tries to resolve the DNS until it succeeds.

Thus, WireGuard should resolve the DNS just before connecting to the server. And just keep trying and trying without any timeouts.

I'd like to install WireGuard on technician's computers and there is no guarantee that they will start phone tethering within 2 minutes of starting their machine. OpenVPN would pass this scenario.

What do you think?
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