Wireguard + anycast

Edward Vielmetti edward.vielmetti at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 23:36:45 CET 2019

A little thought experiment which I haven't tried yet.

Using anycast, a single IP address can be routed to multiple machines in a
data center or around the world.

Is it at all possible that anycast and Wireguard would play together
nicely? In particular, is it plausible that you could give a client an
anycast address of a server to use as its endpoint, and that when it picked
the correct / closest one that it would do the right thing?

The naive approach would be to have all of the anycast devices share the
same private/public key pair, but that has a bad smell. And I don't know
what would happen if your routing changed in mid-connection.

(anycast is the technology used to give name servers a single global
address, like Google's DNS)

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