Traffic flow stopping

Kalin KOZHUHAROV me.kalin at
Tue Jan 8 09:13:27 CET 2019

Hello Mike,

On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 3:20 AM Mike O'Connor <mike at> wrote:
> So I've been using Wireguard to route part of my class C to my home for
> about 4 months now, but for the last few days the traffic stops for a
> short while every few minutes.
Does it start on its own "after few minutes"?

> route part of my class C
Your configs show "allowed ips:, ::/0" that is you are
routing everything at wireguard level.
Or are you filtering/mangling in iptables ("fwmark: 0xca6c") only?

> I can not think of anything which has changed, turning OpenVPN back on
> fixes everything. I've tried reducing the keepalive thinking the NAT
> route could have been the issue but that has not help.
"turning OpenVPN back on" ?? What/where do you do that?

When ping fails, check your next hop:
ip route get

It may mess up your default route, examine network config before/after
"turning on OpenVPN"...
bash -c "ip addr; ip route; wg; cat /etc/resolv.conf; ip route get; ping -c3"

> Any ideas ? Any more tests or debug (if you tell me how) I could provide ?
Anything changing periodically like services that die and are
restarted, cronjobs?


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