Optional DNS-Check or Ping-test for the Android App

Fabian Schwamborn fabian at familie-schwamborn.com
Tue Jan 15 22:49:31 CET 2019


I have a suggestion for improving the Android app or would like to ask 
if such a change would be desirable in general (e.g. pull request):

I'm using Wireguard as a connection between my home router and my mobile 
phone, but unfortunately I don't have a fixed IP address. As soon as the 
IP address changes, the app does not reconnect. (Happens once a week)

Is it possible to integrate a function into the app, that pings through 
the tunnel so that you can perform a keep-alive check and reconnect the 
tunnel completely after a failure (including DNS request)?

Is it conceivable, to implement a DNS-check function in the app? (E.g. 
like the existing example DNS check script for Linux works?)

Then the app would have the same functionality as my previous IP-Sec 
client. This would also allow better coverage of failover IP scenarios.

Best Regards


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