Cannot compile Noise.c on Kernel 5.0?

Sam Cater sam at
Sun Jan 13 23:26:35 CET 2019

Hi Wireguard Mailing List,

Probably going to be showing a lot of ignorance here!

Wireguard has run fine on this system in the past, but today I tried to
build 20181218 on self-built 5.0 kernel (which in and of itself seems
stable and working fine). The compile fails on src/noise.o with the
issue linked below on line 453.

If I switch back to the stock 4.19 kernel provided by Fedora then
everything compiles fine. It's also worth mentioning that the same issue
appears to happen when I install the COPR packages for Fedora.

Appreciate I'm a non-standard kernel but just in case it is a Linux 5
incompatibility rather than "I can't build software", I thought I'd post
here in case it was helpful.

Mini paste at:

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