WireGuard roaming behind a load balancer

pdub pdub at pdub.net
Tue Jan 15 17:45:23 CET 2019


WireGuard is a really cool project! Thanks!

With WireGuard's native roaming support, I have a question about just how
stateful/stateless the roaming is. Here's a hypothetical situation:

Let's say WireGuard is being used to tunnel into a location and is served
behind a load balancer for high availability. If both nodes have identical
WireGuard config files at the start of WireGuard (and, for simplicity,
let's assume the configurations don't change). If one node dies, the load
balancer will automatically start sending packets to the standby node
running WireGuard (perhaps existing on the same subnet as the other node,
but with a different IP).

In a sense, the server-side "peer" has just roamed from machine to another,
but the public/Internet IP address didn't change (because that is assigned
to the load balancer itself). Will this work with WireGuard today?

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