WireGuard obfuscation using shadowsocks

Yegor Ievlev koops1997 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 23:48:59 CET 2019

Recently there was discussion about obfuscation to avoid restrictive
firewalls. The conclusion apparently was that WG devs should add
support for pluggable transports. This is a good idea, but for now you
can just use shadowsocks-libev:

On server:

ss-server -s -s ::0 -p 443 -k shadowsocks-password -m
aes-128-gcm -U # change to lowercase u if you want to be able to
connect to the server over TCP too.

On client:

ss-tunnel -s shadowsocks-server -p 443 -l 51820 -L
wireguard-server:51820 -k shadowsocks-password -m aes-128-gcm -U

Connect WireGuard to Done.

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