Can’t use WireGuard app on my iPhone

Felix Green itaylorswift365 at
Thu Jan 17 09:01:32 CET 2019

I’ve been using WireGuard on my Linux device for a year, and things work
pretty well. Sometimes I need to use WireGuard on my iOS device, however,
with the same config file it just can’t connect on my iPhone. The log file
shows that “*peer(8Zu4…jy0g) - Failed to send handshake initiation write
udp4>server ip :port : sendto: no route to host*”. This
should be the problem, and WireGuard app doesn’t ask for system network
permission while connecting. So the iOS itself may block WireGuard packets
from being sent out. (This problem just happens on my iPhone and everything
is okay on my iPad cause iPad iOS(WiFi version) doesn’t have network
permission policy.) Is there any solution for it?
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