Using OPENVPN Client (UDP port 1194) on top of wireguard - packets corrupt

Grant Haywood mrgranthaywood at
Thu Jan 24 06:14:18 CET 2019

I do this all the time, not with windows and not on a router, but openvpn
over wg has never really been a problem for me

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 9:01 PM Allen Walker <eawalker at>

> My router is set to route everything thru my wireguard vpn. My windows
> machine (a lan client) can run openvpn client but there are issues as
> when I copy large files, specifically mp4s via scp or ftp, the files are
> inevitably corrupted. My guess is that the clients OPENVPN UDP packets
> are getting invariably corrupted when going thru the router and
> wireguard (my router routes are configured via wg-quick). Any ideas on
> how to prevent such packet corruption from the clients openvpn connection?
> Thanks
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