Can I be reasonably sure the code in /usr/share/doc/wireguard-tools/examples/embeddable-wg-library will continue to exist / work

Larry Kelly lkelly at
Thu Jun 13 00:57:33 CEST 2019

Hi All…

   While I’m not asking anyone to predict the future, I have begun to use some of the example code under the /usr/share/doc/wireguard-tools/examples/embeddable-wg-library, and I wanted to be reasonably sure that my code will continue to work…  I understand that specific data structures may change as wireguard matures, and am prepared to monitor the codebase for these changes and update as needed, but I just didn’t want a later wireguard release to just completely remove this set of code and mechanism.  As a note, having this code and method of use is a big plus for wireguard, as it allows me to create essentially a customized VPN application (allowing me to provide different authentication methods such as having the wireguard key on a smart card and requiring insertion of the smart card into a card reader on a laptop in order to allow my laptop to connect to the network).



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