PostDown 0.0.20191127

Nico Schottelius nico.schottelius at
Thu Nov 28 14:07:00 CET 2019

Follow up question from my side Jason: what do you think about replacing
"$2" in the script with a shifted "$@" and allowing multiple devices to
be specified?

i.e. wg-quick up wgungleich wgplace4 wgplace11

is something I would like to do in one call and it would potentially be
easy to just loop around it as follows:

elif [[ $# -ge 2 && $1 == up ]]; then
    shift # kick out "up" from the list
    while [ $# -ge 1 ]; do
        name=$1; shift
	    parse_options "$name"

Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason at> writes:

> Thanks. Fixed this way:
> But: why is your remove_iptables failing in the first place?
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