idle traffic considerations

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Sat Nov 30 08:33:39 CET 2019

On Fri, 29 Nov 2019 16:18:52 -0500
zrm <zrm at> wrote:

> Ballpark estimate, round a keepalive packet to about a hundred bytes. 
> You're also going to get a re-keys, call those two hundred bytes. If you 
> have a keepalive every 30 seconds and a re-key every 120 seconds, that's 
> around 18KB per hour per peer in each direction.

And read the small-print of mobile carrier plans, at least in our country[1]
they love so much to tally-up the user transferred data every hour, while also
rounding that up to nearest 250 KB, or even 1 MB. So even in the above
scenario they would bill for at least 250 KB/hour.


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