Windows client: PostUp/PreDown possible?

Mark Schmidt knupps at
Thu Nov 28 22:58:22 CET 2019


I hope I'm in the right place to ask this.

I'm trying to familiarise myself with Wireguard, and I like it so far. 
One issue though: The Linux version has PostUp and PreDown options in 
its configuration files.

Is there something similar available for the Windows client?

When I try to add something like "PostUp = somescript.cmd" to the 
interface section in the WG config, the Windows client complains that 
the key is invalid.

I'm currently assuming that there is a way and I'm just too stupid to 
figure it out. Google didn't yield anything useful, however.

I want to use those options to automatically map a network share to a 
drive letter after successfully activating the tunnel. And then 
disconnect it (giving Windows an opportunity to empty its cache) before 
the tunnel gets deactivated again.

Best regards!

PS: No need to CC me, I subscribed to the list.

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