Wireguard with disabled IPv6 under FreeBSD

Евгений IRON iron at mail.ua
Tue Sep 10 01:11:37 CEST 2019


I'm trying to setup wireguard server on FreeBSD which was built from ports. I have custom kernel build where I disabled IPv6 which I currently don't use at this VM. When I trying to start WIreguard I receive an error:

# service wireguard start
[#] wireguard-go wg0
INFO: (wg0) 2019/09/10 02:02:29 Starting wireguard-go version 0.0.20190805
ERROR: (wg0) 2019/09/10 02:02:29 Failed to create TUN device: address family not supported by protocol family
[#] rm -f /var/run/wireguard/wg0.sock
netstat: inet6: unknown address family

Here is my config file wg0.conf:

Address =
PrivateKey = <priv Key>
ListenPort = 51820

PublicKey = <pub key>
AllowedIPs =

Why does it try to use IPv6 on tun0 interface when I didn't specify IPv6 address in the config file.

Thank you!
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