wg-quick invoking resolvectl instead of resolvconf on systems where that is appropriate?

Roy Marples roy at marples.name
Wed Sep 11 20:40:48 CEST 2019

I'm not subbed to this list, so please include me directly in any 
replies. Disclaimer - I'm upstream for openresolv.

Michael Biebl wrote this here:

You absolutely correct in that resolvconf is not a standard Linux 
interface - it works just fine on the BSD family as well. Infact it 
works on every POSIX environment as it just requires a Bourne Shell.
It ships by default since NetBSD-6, FreeBSD-9, DragonFlyBSD, etc - it's 
not optional on these BSD's.

Let us also not forget that resolvectl is either just as optional as 
resolvconf on Linux or just not available due to a lack of systemd. 
Examples would include Gentoo, Alpine, OpenWRT, Void Linux, Slackware, 
Devuan ... I could go on, but you get the idea.

However, I will argue that resolvconf is *the standard* modifying DNS 
interface - Debian itself shipped the default DHCP client (dhclient) 
with scripts to interface with resolvconf and the VPN and PPP clients as 
well. Gentoo does as well, because I added support for it many years 
ago. This work all predates systemd, network manager, etc.

So while it might not be installed by default, it is certainly very well 
supported and recommended.

I'll also note that just by looking at the man page, resolvctl seems to 
be lacking important privacy options in it's resolvconf (or rather) 
emulation mode so if you want to push this, better support those options!

Anyway, all this being said I would agree that supporting both systems 
*at runtime* is the better approach. openresolv does this with init 
systems, including systemd.


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