Newbie - WireGuard per systemd on Debian Buster

Hans Kraus hans at
Thu Apr 16 18:12:58 CEST 2020

I'm a newbie to wireguard and trying to install a working environment,
starting with one server and one client. First I used the example in
and got it working.

To get a more persistent installation I followed the example in
<>, with one server and one client,
"Step 2 - Alternative C - systemd". My server has a fixed ip4 address,
my client(s) get their addresses via DHCP (home network and road
warrior). My two "/etc/systemd/network" files on my server are:

Description=Wireguard kraush

PrivateKey=<private key server>

PublicKey=<public key client>
AllowedIPs=<free range>.0/24


Address=<free range>.1/24
I omitted the "Endpoint=<remote IP or hostname>:<remote port>" part
because I don't know (at least at server startup) the IP address of my

That doesn't work. wg0 is up, ip addr show shows an address bound to the
interface. But it seems that the server doesn't recognize the peer
because "wg show wg0 peers" gives an empty list back.

Any help appreciated,

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