Noteworthy: Self-hosted made easy, secure and private. Powered by WireGuard

Mo Balaa buddybalaa at
Thu Aug 6 05:01:55 CEST 2020

Hello fellow WireGuard enthusiasts!

For those of you who are also interested in privacy / self-hosting
please see my project:

We propose a general strategy for WireGaurd based hub and spoke
topologies to enable blind TLS proxying for collaborative self-hosted
online services.

The project is quite large in scope, but what I think you will find
most interesting is that we use WireGuard to enable a Federation
capable Matrix home server, without needing to expose any ports to the
public internet on the server itself.

Matrix is an open standard for end-to-end-encrypted messaging with
mature open-source client/server implementations that works well as a
private, self-hosted alternative to services like Slack or IRC.

Comments, feedback, contributions welcome.

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