Android App not setting DNS when allowed IPS not

Alexander Skwar alexanders.mailinglists+nospam at
Fri Aug 7 13:59:31 CEST 2020


Am Fr., 7. Aug. 2020 um 12:51 Uhr schrieb Mauro Santos
<registo.mailling at>:

> I'm not on macOS, this is a problem with the android app, just like the
> subject says ;)

Ah, yeah, now I notice the subject as well... Too bad then (for me).

FWIW, my client config (in the exported ZIP file) looks different to
what you've got.

Address =
PrivateKey = …=

AllowedIPs =,,
Endpoint = wg.….ch:51820
PublicKey = …=

I've got no "name" attribute and I'm using "=" signs. But I guess you didn't
use an export in your OP but copied the stuff by hand?


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