Two small Wireguard frustrations on Mac & Apple iOS

Laura Smith n5d9xq3ti233xiyif2vp at
Sun Aug 23 20:34:17 CEST 2020


These aren't show-stoppers per-se, but it would be nice to see them fixed and new clients pushed out via the App Store:

(1) MacOS (10.15.6 but also observed on 10.15.5, not tested on anything older)

- Start with WG client in an operational state
- Disconnect network (e.g. if on WiFI, turn off the WiFi in the menu bar)
- Sleep the machine
- Wait- Wake the machine
- Turn on Wifi
- Note that WG client fails to re-establish connectivity (shows connected, but no traffic flows until you deactivate/reactivate WG)

(2) iOS (13.6.1, also observed on 13.6, not tested on anything older)

After a period of time, seems to be a few days to a week, WG seems to deactivate of its own accord (as if some sort of counter was reached or something).  This does not appear to be correlated with network connectivity (e.g. I can switch to airplane mode for an extended period of time, then re-enable, and WG remains connected), so its something else in the WG code (either itself or the way it interacts with iOS).

This is all a bit frustrating because you are unknowingly then using an unencrypted connection.

Perhaps WG should consider adding "retry" functionality (OpenVPN client for iOS has such a feature, where you can tell it to retry for a period of time or indefinitely) 

Apart from that, WG is great ;-)


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