[PATCH] compat: support building for RHEL-8.2

Alex Davies alex at davz.net
Sat Feb 1 20:10:26 CET 2020

Hey All,

Its worth remembering that the RHEL release date and the CentOS release
dates are months part, for example:

RHEL 8.1 released: 5 Nov 2019
CentOS 8.1 released: ~15 Jan 2020

Much as I dont like this, the reality is that most RHEL/CentOS users will
not immediately upgrade to the "latest" kernel/release and even if they try
they cant for months unless they are paying RedHat money.

For what its worth, we are using our small influence as a paying
customer of RedHat (we have many thousands of host subscriptions) to ask
them to merge the (now upstream) upstream patches into RHEL8 (and then
manage it like everything else in their kernel), probably initially as a
Tech Preview, which is the real fix to this. If anybody else is also keen
to see this and is paying them, feel free to message me off-list and we can
get our TAMs to work together!

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