[PATCH v2] Rewrite wg-quick.8 in mdoc

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Sat Feb 15 20:53:25 CET 2020

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it. I can manually diff the text
to the old one if you insist, but I'd really prefer to see either a
list of what text you changed or having the type setting and the text
change done in separate commits. Alternatively, if you refuse to do
that, I'll manually diff, but I'd rather not if you can remember what
you changed.

>  I'm working on simplifying the structure of wg.8 in addition to
> rewriting it, which will take some time.

If there are any changes to content, rather than just the typesetting,
please make this separate commits.


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