[PATCH v2] Rewrite wg-quick.8 in mdoc

Stephen Gregoratto dev at sgregoratto.me
Sun Feb 16 11:32:52 CET 2020

Hi Jason,

On Sat Feb 15, 2020 at 8:53 PM, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it. I can manually diff the text
> to the old one if you insist, but I'd really prefer to see either a
> list of what text you changed or having the type setting and the text
> change done in separate commits.

The changes made are very minor:

The config_file and interface arguments were made lowercase, and all
mention of them in the rest of the manual has been changed as well.

The interface additions were changed from a bulleted list to a
definition list, where the additions were the definitions.

I removed the boldening in the examples along with the sentance:
  "Bold lines below are for options that extend wg(8)."

The justification was that since the [interface] additions were
properly marked up in the example explanations, having the lines be
emboldened was redundant. You can see the difference better when viewing
them as PDF's through groff side-by-side. If you'd like I can revert

As mentioned by Ingo, more manual references were added to the SEE ALSO
section, with them being sorted in section-name order. I also moved the
link to the project page into this section, and dropped the "World Wide
Web" bit.

Finally, the AUTHORS section was reworded slightly:

 original:  "wg-quick was written by..."
 new:       "The wg-quick program was written by..."

This is a convention for system programs.

As for Anthony's work, this seems to be a case of "convergent
evolution," since our work is very similar ;). I think if I combine the
best parts of both, along with Ingo's comments, I could prepare a final
patch for wg-quick. I'm not sure if everyone that helped needs to sign
off on the patch, but I'll make sure they're mentioned.

For the next patch, would you like to see the list above in the commit
Stephen Gregoratto

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