[PATCH] DO_NOT_LAUNCH parameter was ignored by MSI, should work now

Simon Rozman simon at rozman.si
Thu Feb 27 12:40:20 CET 2020

Hi Arjen,

I was not able to reproduce the problem your patch was supposed to solve.

msiexec /i https://download.wireguard.com/windows-client/wireguard-amd64-0.0.38.msi /l* setup.log DO_NOT_LAUNCH=1
did not launch the WireGuard after setup was complete. Screencast here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsRKV9itoeUTi0Y-LT895Ynvh0da

Running the same command in elevated prompt neither. Screen cast here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsRKV9itoeUTi0cEkCG_n2FEX1WA

When adding /qn to completely silence the MSI progress neither. Screen cast here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsRKV9itoeUTi0izY000CEIE4axC

So, how were you setting the `DO_NOT_LAUNCH` property in the first place?


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Date: Tuesday, 25 February 2020 at 01:51
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Subject: [PATCH] DO_NOT_LAUNCH parameter was ignored by MSI, should work now

    From: Arjen Brouwer <arjen at ag5.nl>
    The `DO_NO_LAUNCH` parameter did not actually work. After running the installer with the DO_NO_LAUNCH parameter, the UI still showed up afterwards and the MSI log had the following entry:
    MSI (c) (28:08) [14:43:17:966]: Ignoring disallowed property DO_NOT_LAUNCH
    By explicitly defining the DO_NOT_LAUNCH property and making it secure, solved the problem.
     installer/wireguard.wxs | 7 ++++---
     1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
    diff --git a/installer/wireguard.wxs b/installer/wireguard.wxs
    index 5bbb1eb..781d20c 100644
    --- a/installer/wireguard.wxs
    +++ b/installer/wireguard.wxs
    @@ -45,7 +45,8 @@
     		<Property Id="DISABLEROLLBACK" Value="yes" />
     		<Property Id="MSIDISABLERMRESTART" Value="1" />
     		<Property Id="MSIRMSHUTDOWN" Value="1" />
    +		<Property Id="DO_NOT_LAUNCH" Value="0" Secure="yes" />
    @@ -135,7 +136,7 @@
     		<CustomAction Id="LaunchApplication" HideTarget="yes" Impersonate="no" Execute="deferred" FileKey="wireguard.exe" ExeCommand="" Return="asyncNoWait" />
    -			<Custom Action="LaunchApplication" Before="InstallFinalize">(&WireGuardFeature = 3) AND NOT DO_NOT_LAUNCH</Custom>
    +			<Custom Action="LaunchApplication" Before="InstallFinalize"><![CDATA[(&WireGuardFeature = 3) AND (DO_NOT_LAUNCH = "0")]]></Custom>
    @@ -143,7 +144,7 @@
     		<CustomAction Id="LaunchApplicationAsOrdinaryUser" HideTarget="yes" FileKey="wireguard.exe" ExeCommand="" Return="asyncNoWait" />
    -			<Custom Action="LaunchApplicationAsOrdinaryUser" After="InstallFinalize">(&WireGuardFeature = -1) AND (!WireGuardFeature = 3) AND NOT DO_NOT_LAUNCH</Custom>
    +			<Custom Action="LaunchApplicationAsOrdinaryUser" After="InstallFinalize"><![CDATA[(&WireGuardFeature = -1) AND (!WireGuardFeature = 3) AND (DO_NOT_LAUNCH = "0")]]></Custom>
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