Openwrt wg0 behaves not alike that on Fedora: why?

Sergey Ivanov seriv at
Sun Jun 14 20:19:07 CEST 2020

I have a question about wg0 on OpenWRT not forwarding packets from one
client to another. I have a laptop at home in my home LAN, and a
computer at work in a very restricted LAN. They can not see one
another. I spent a lot of time trying to get them connected by adding
their wg0's IP addresses to the AllowedIPs on my home router running
OpenWRT. I saw pings from each of them successfully decrypted (I've
used ping with patterns) on the OpenWRT wg0, but they never got routed

When I decided to try to move the same AllowedIPs from OpenWRT's wg0
to my desktop Fedora, it immediately worked. It looks like some sort
of setting like isolation of the clients, or hairpin mode which is
different on OpenWRT than on Fedora.

Can someone help and suggest what I should look at? I'd like to have
it working on the router which is all time on.

  Sergey Ivanov

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