Kernel Panic after updating Kernel

Jean-Denis Girard jd.girard at
Thu Jun 18 22:10:21 CEST 2020

Le 18/06/2020 à 09:48, Jason A. Donenfeld a écrit :
> I am unable to reproduce this issue with vmxnet3. However, as I noted
> earlier, your wireguard version seems old. Try updating everything at
> once, and then see.

yum updated to wireguard-dkms.noarch 1:1.0.20200611-1.el7

By the way, yum complains :
Error! Could not locate dkms.conf file.
File: /var/lib/dkms/wireguard/0.0.20181218/source/dkms.conf does not exist.

I cannot reboot now, I will let you know how it goes later.

Jean-Denis Girard

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