[PATCH] wg-quick: add restart command

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Sat Jun 20 09:02:49 CEST 2020

* Jason A. Donenfeld

> On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 2:17 AM Eric Light <eric at ericlight.com> wrote:
> > As a purely Debian user, the 'service x restart' pattern is far more memorable than the syncconf method.  I know personal preference isn't a great reason to add a knob, but Garrit's method is probably going to be much more familiar to many users.
> For users who want service management patterns like that, it'd
> certainly be possible to map the wg-quick strip stuff to `systemctl
> reload wg-quick at wg0.service`, for that purpose. Maybe that's something
> we should consider?

For what it is worth, I posted a patch that does exactly this back in


Reviews or user tests would be greatly appreciated.

You can also pull from https://github.com/toreanderson/wireguard-tools
if you prefer. The commit in question is here:


There is one bugfix in GitHub compared to the patch I posted to the
list in March - using $REAL_INTERFACE instead of $INTERFACE in wg-
quick/openbsd.bash. I can post the updated patch to the list as well if
you want, just let me know. 


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